'Delete History' is 6 part 10 minute web series following the turbulent friendship of Faye (a high-functioning semi-alcoholic) and Dirk (a sensitive door mat), with the added inclusion of outsider Michelle (a social butterfly) who rounds out this surprising trio of housemates. Set in Melbourne, it explores the themes of insecurities and vulnerabilities of the human psyche and how these feelings are received. Weird, awkward, but fun, the series is a very realistic take on modern society for young adults.

Starring Ben Schumann, Nicole Gulasekharam & Sarah Jackson

Created by Ben Schumann & Nicole Gulasekharam

Written by Ben Schumann

Produced by Ben Schumann, Nicole Gulasekharam & Rosie Holden.

Directed by Tenika Smith

Official Selection

Seoul Webfest

International Online WebFest

Queen Palm International Film Festival, Nominated Best Director